🎨Content Providers, Architects, and Digital Artists

The digital landscape of the metaverse is shaped by the creative vision of content providers, architects, and digital artists. These talented individuals are the builders of our digital worlds, designing and creating the digital assets that make up the metaverse's virtual properties and spaces. With SkyVLS, they have a dedicated platform that recognizes their skills and supports their artistry.

Monetization of Skills

Content creators can monetize their abilities directly through SkyVLS. They can be hired by real estate developers to create specific assets, from building designs to immersive landscapes, or work independently and set their own prices for their creations. This opens up a whole new channel for income generation based on their digital artistry.

Direct Collaboration with Real Estate Developers

Through SkyVLS, content creators have the opportunity to work directly with real estate developers. This allows for seamless collaboration, enabling developers to fully leverage the creativity and technical skills of content providers in designing and creating their digital properties.

Visibility and Recognition

By working on projects within the metaverse, content creators can gain visibility and recognition for their work. Every digital property or NFT is individually identifiable with its own unique URL, this recognition can help them build a reputation and attract more opportunities and exposure to clients and followers.

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